Cone Patrol

Cone Patrol – Text Powder Alerts for Mt. Bachelor: 541-516-1769

Super Easy Sign Up!

To start receiving SMS powder alerts for Mt. Bachelor, simply text the number of inches you would like to be alerted for to 541-516-1769.

For example, if you want a text each time it snows 4 or more inches overnight, you would text 4 to 541-516-1POW!

Then when it snows four or more inches, you get a text right away! Rad huh?! You can opt-out at anytime by texting STOP to the powder robot too.

Android Application

If you prefer to receive push notifications on your Android phone, download our free application from the Google Play Store by clikcing the image below:

NOAA Forecast Alerts

You can now also be alerted when NOAA is forecasting a certain amount of snow for Bachelor. This will help you plan your "siiiiiick" days accordingly.

Simply text the word `forecast` and the number of inches you want to be alerted for to: 541-516-1769

So to be alerted when 4 or more inches is forecasted text:

forecast 4

Track Your Turns via SMS

Text track + your pass number to 541-516-1769, so if your pass number is MBA1234 you would text the following:

track MBA123

The system will send you a text at the end of the day with your stats. So when you are at the bar you can show your phone to everyone and exclaim "CHECK IT OUT BRO, I'M SUPER SICKAY!"

About Cone Patrol

I heart skiing. I double heart skiing powder. "Cone Patrol" is a term a ski buddy gave to hiking the cone at Mt. Bachelor prior to opening for freshiez. Born from that tradition is, a way for you – the fellow shredder, to get powder alerts sent to your phone via text.

So ditch the snow phone, and setup a conepatrol alert to shout at you when the goods have dropped. See you on the cone! – Timmy

If you need help with anything powder alert related, please contact us on Twitter or over on Facebook

Conepatrol is sponsored by the fine folks at Mt. Bachelor.